Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair Services in Edmonton, AB

Shifting gears giving you a hard time? We've got your back with professional heavy equipment and truck transmission repair! At Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd. in Edmonton, AB, our skilled mechanics will diagnose fix any transmission issues, keeping your assets on the move.

Diesel mechanic performing transmission repairs on semi truck in Edmonton, Alberta

What are Symptoms of a Bad Transmission in a Truck?

A bad transmission can bring your entire operation to a halt. If you’re experiencing problems shifting, including slipping gears or difficulty switching gears, grinding noises while shifting, or fluid leaks while the vehicle is in motion or while parked, you most likely have a problem with your truck’s transmission! We suggest you immediately take your truck to a repair shop to avoid further damage. 

Heavy Equipment & Truck Transmission Repair, Clutch Repair, and More

At Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd., we specialize in comprehensive transmission and clutch repair services for heavy-duty trucks and equipment. Our experienced diesel mechanics and mechanics possess the expertise to handle a wide range of transmission-related issues, including:

  1. Transmission Rebuild: We offer robust transmission rebuilds, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your transmission system.
  2. Transmission Maintenance: Our mechanics provide regular maintenance services, including fluid checks and replacements, to keep your transmission in top condition.
  3. Transmission Replacement: In cases where a transmission replacement is necessary, we source and install high-quality components to restore your vehicle's functionality.
  4. Clutch Repair: We diagnose and repair clutch problems, such as slipping, sticking, or engagement issues, to ensure smooth gear transitions.

Near Edmonton, AB?

Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd. is your trusted partner for transmission and clutch repair in Edmonton, AB, and surrounding areas. Our mobile truck service extends up to a 150km range, covering locations such as Red Deer, Athabasca, Boyle, Smoky Lake, Vilna, Myrnam, Two Hills, Vegreville, Viking, Killam, Niton Junction, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Leduc, St. Albert, Fort McMurray, Spruce Grove, and Sherwood Park, AB.

With our team of skilled diesel mechanics and commitment to delivering exceptional service, you can rely on us for efficient repairs, reliable maintenance, and personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Don't delay the repair of your truck's transmission or clutch. Contact Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd. today to schedule an appointment and ensure the smooth operation of your heavy-duty trucks and equipment.

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